Yell Extreme Park is the first entertainment park in Armenia.  It is located in Yenoqavan village, Tavush region. Yenoqavan is very popular village among people who want to do activities in Armenia. You can be professional or not, but you can be part of these activities in Armenia. The group of professionals will help You to achieve your dreams.


The territory of Yenokavan is mountainous and rocky. There is a canyon behind the village. It is lush with forest, river and has caves with interesting carvings. The hillsides Yenokavan are covered with a green carpet of Alpine meadows. This provides ideal conditions for the development of eco and activities in Armenia. People sometimes call this region a ‘’little Armenian Switzerland’’. 


All this kind of activities in Armenia are coordinated by the Yell’s professional team. They have regular training and exchange of experience.


  • 01 day pass at Yell park
  • Zipline 5 lines
  • Rope park
  • Climing
  • Via Ferrata
  • Paint Ball
  • On-tour support to the passengers in Yerevan 
  • All local taxes 


  • Pick up and drop off at hotel
  • Meals during the tour
  • Travel insurance 
  • Items of a personal nature 


You can choose any of the following types of activities in Armenia at Yell Park;


  • Zip Line
  • Rope Park
  • Off-road
  • Mountain Biking
  • Paintball
  • Horseback Riding
  • Intellectual and logic games (Rest Area/ Board Games)



The main activity in Yell Extreme Park is the s Zip-Line. Zip-line enables the user to move by gravity to travel from one place to another. So you will be approximately 200-300 m above the ground. This zip line has 5 different lines: 135m, 268m, 200m, 375m, and 750m. The average duration of the flight is 1.5h. It includes 15minutes training concerning to safety rules, 30 sec-2 minutes for the zip line and 5-20min to move from one line to another. 



Yell also have horseback riding tours that you can have in the nearest fields and forests. You can ride a horse 20 min/1.5h/3h every day. 



The total area of the park is 3000m2In the Rope Park, one can do a variety of sports like rope obstacle courses, zip-lines, and climbing exercises. Here, in Yell Extreme Park people do not follow a specific educational concept, they just do the recreational activity. So you can be calm, as no need for climbing techniques or physical fitness experience. There are diverse trails on trees. You should keep your balance on the rope and pass the bridge.  The short zip-lines will help you to overcome the barriers. 



Off-road is a funny activity. It includes driving a vehicle off-road. Thus you should ride on unsurfaced roads to overcome various obstacles, gravel road surfaces, bumpy roads and granite sets. You must certainly try to feel the joy. 



Obviously, mountain biking is not an easy kind of sport. It includes riding bicycles off-road. Though it is important to realize that in Yell Extreme Park there are specific mountain bikes meant for overcoming rough terrain. These bikes have similarity with ordinary bikes but they are particularly designed to enhance durability on mountain trails. 



Paintball is a modern, adrenalin sport. It is a team game during which group members shoot each other with paintballs. For this game, participants wear special uniforms designed for paintball. All things considered, this sport requires strength, speed, and a good physical condition. During this game, you will need good tactical thinking in order to win the game. Thus you will experience both joy and euphoria from victory and disappointment when you lose the game. 



The rest area is a place where you can rest eat something, play games like Chess, Monopoly, Risk, Uno, Settlers of Catan, Dungeons & Dragons, Go and much more.  So this is a good area if you tried Yell Extreme park’s activities and you are searching a place to sit under the open air, to think, to sleep, to drink, to eat and to enjoy your time.


If you like adrenaline, new emotions and extreme sport and want to feel really alive, it's just for you.